Vision Hema® Capture

Capturing of blood cell images

Available from May 14th

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Vision Hema® Malaria

Digital analysis of malaria

Available from March 24th

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Vision Sperm®

Semen analysis

Available from August 1st

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Vision Solutions

Designed to optimize and standardize the work process in the areas of clinical laboratory and microscopy. Each system is the result of extensive research and analysis of the needs of consumer. Analyzing and processing requests from our customers and tracking market trends provides planned expansion of a product range.

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8/1/16   New Vision website
Introducing Vision website, devoted to digital systems for sperm microscopy.

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5/16/16   Vision Hema® Capture
Introducing Vision Hema® Capture solution for capturing blood cell images.

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Vision Hema® Ultimate Automated hematology imaging analyzer —

V-Chromer® Automated slide stainers —

V-Counter® Hematology analyzer —


Düsseldorf, Germany
16 November 2016 — 19 November 2016

Arab Health
Dubai, UAE
30 January 2017 — 2 February 2017

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