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Gram smears analysis automation

Clinical Application Module
Vision Gram

Vision Cyto Gram

— Automatic analysis of Gram smears.

— Automatic scanning and creating of digital slide.

— Localization: cervical, vaginal, urethral.

Automatic morphology assessment, count and pre-classification of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria:
— Lactobacillus morphotypes
— Gardnerella morphotypes
— Gram-negative and gram-positive rods
— Gram-negative and gram-positive cocci, located extra- and intracellularly, in pairs, chains, clusters
— Anaerobic bacterial morphotypes including Peptostreptococcus, Bacteroides, Fusobacteriales, Prevotella, Mobiluncus spp.

Additional Module
Vision Gram Extended *

Automatic identification:
— Epithelial cells (superficial, intermediate, parabasal, cylindrical epithelium)
— Leukocytes
— Clue cells
— Mucus and cell debris
— Trichomonas vaginalis
— Candida spp.

*For research use only

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) cumulates algorithms and technologies that allow computers to learn and solve intellectual tasks provided by humans. AI speeds up processing and interpretation of data, and allows to efficiently perform the most comprehensive tasks, including medical image analysis.

Administrative Modules

Vision Manager

Analysis procedure automation, data processing rules.

Сonsulting and Education Module
Vision Suite

Vision Suite

Cloud/server for telemedicine and remote consultations with colleagues.

Clinical applications

The latest developments of artificial intelligence provide a solution for the tasks connected with automation in digital microscopy. Our technologies speed up the diagnostic process, reduce analysis time and lower subjectivity of the results received. They improve the efficiency of laboratory routine operation, bringing microscopy analyses in line with state-of-the-art standards.


Vision Ultimate
Vision Ultimate
Cell Imaging Analyzer

Clinical application module

Vision Gram

Additional module

Vision Gram Extended

Working modes:

Queue, continuous and random access, STAT testing, 24/7


Automatic scanning

Slide capacity

Up to 200 slides

Slide handling



Microscope for scanning


Personal computer, monitor, touch-screen monitor for control

Slide identification

Built-in barcode reader

Oil dispenser

Automatic oil dispenser

Optical system

2.5x, 10x, 63x Oil

Microscopy method

Bright field


Köhler illumination, LED


Bidirectional LIS, LIS2-A2 (ASTM), HL7, Ethernet

Art. N.:

73031.05 (200 slides)

Please check the intended use and the registration in your local regulation. Depending on the regulations of the respective region, some products may be used for research purpose only.


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