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Vision Karyo FISH

Karyotyping and analysis using the FISH method

Vision Karyo
Automatic karyotyping of chromosomes

A modern approach to chromosome analysis, using FISH method

Vision Karyo

Digital camera

High resolution delivers superior quality image of a metaphase plate. An ultrasensitive camera detects even the weakest signals.



The toolbar is designed according to the analysis’ algorithm and ensures compliance with all the stages of the procedure, providing reliable results.


Optical system

The combination of innovative technology and classical microscopy extends the working possibilities. If necessary, microscopy sample of a metaphase plate can be viewed through the eyepieces.



An automated karyotyping with the possibility of manual correction.



A fluorescent unit with up to 6 filters provides a wide range of possibilities for the FISH method application.


Final image and pseudocoloring

The final image is generated by combining and pseudocoloring a serie of original monochrome images with different fluorescent stains.

High throughput and quality

The automatic karyotyping of chromosomes

Die automatische Karyotypisierung von Chromosomen
Vision Karyo automatically detects changes in the number and structure of chromosomes, which allows you to diagnose genetic abnormalities(Down, Patau, Edwards and other syndromes).

Karyotyping of plant and animal chromosomes

Karyotyping of plant and animal chromosomes
Vision Karyo allows the control of genetic material structure in breeding new varieties of plants and animals.

Chromosome analysis using the FISH method

Chromosome analysis using the FISH method
The method of fluorescence in situ hybridization is used to identify specific DNA sequences and is designed to automate a wide range of studies using the fluorescent hybridization method.

An adjustable reference guide for ideograms

An adjustable reference guide for ideograms
Generation of ideogram database for future identification of chromosomes. A configurable diagnosis reference guide will meet your personal requirements. Set your preferences only once and use it in your daily routine.

Report generation in accordance with personal requirements

Report generation in accordance with personal requirements
You can take into account different template requirements (form and content). Add and delete analysis parameters, patient information fields and images.

Education and professional development

Education and professional development
By working with the Vision Karyo system, specialists and technicians improve their expertise every day due to the review of metaphase plate images as well as discussion with colleagues and experts.


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