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Remote access and server solutions

Vision Remote & Vision Suite
Administrative modules
Control your slides wherever you are, whenever you want

  1. 1. Sample scanning and creation of digital slides.

  2. 2. Automated analysis of a digital slide with application modules.

  3. 3. Loading a digital slide and/or analysis results into an external storage/database.

  4. 4. Remote work with a digital slide and analysis results. Requires only Internet access and a Web-browser.

Increase throughput

Vision Remote optimizes personal workflow. Specialists have the opportunity to review cell images captured by Vision System and process analysis results, both past and current.

Improve efficiency

Laboratory or hospital internal communications, as well as communications between laboratories and hospitals are carried out in real-time. Specialists work with images captured by Vision Kits, from anywhere. Independence of specialist’s working location increases speed and efficiency.

Vision Remote

Vision Remote is an additional administrative module, available for all Vision kits. Allows to perform access to the database from a remote location.

Vision Remote is truly beneficial for specialists, professionals and managers who get rid of the manual routine and slide scanning.

Results overview, validation, reports and remote consulting are available from the working place, without physical presence in the laboratory.

Remote access to database and analysis results is provided using full Vision software interface.

Quality control

Managers and supervisors monitor and control the correct operation and procedure of the analysis in the laboratory. All steps of the analysis are optimized and standardized: sample date, sample preparation, analytical procedures, verification of results as well as printing of the report.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) cumulates algorithms and technologies that allow computers to learn and solve intellectual tasks provided by humans. AI speeds up processing and interpretation of data, and allows to efficiently perform the most comprehensive tasks, including medical image analysis.

Vision Suite

Vision Suite is an option for all Vision kits. By using it a full flexibility is provided in terms of remote access and data handling.

Vision Suite is especially requested by large network laboratories, having extensive size databases and big teams working together on results validation and reporting.

Vision Suite can be easily integrated in laboratory workflow.

Vision Suite can be based on the local server, and also available as a cloud solution on internal network. Allows to access database and analysis results via Internet browser.

Automated cell imaging analyzers and slide scanners

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Vision Assist

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Vision Pro

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