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Cutting-edge technology for clinical laboratory

Digital Morphology of Blood cells

Bone Marrow
Automatic Analysis of Bone Marrow cells

Cervical Cytology
Automated screening for cervical samples

Digital Microscopy for Diagnostics of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sperm Analysis
Automatic Systems for Sperm Analysis

Gram smears analysis automation

Body Fluids
Automatic analysis of human body fluids

Digital Slide Scanners

Remote access and server solutions

Biology and Medicine
Digital systems for microscopic analysis

Hematology, microscopy, management

Digital Slide Viewer
Application for working with digital slides

Your Personal Storage for Microscope Digital Slides
Service for sharing digital slides

Education and proficiency
Service for training and testing knowledge of specialists

V-Chromer III
Automated slide stainer

NEW | Vision A1
Digital Scanning Analyzer